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16 Nisan 2018
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Ship Board Details

It is a stone wool board used in ship and sea construction, cofferdam walls, fire partitions, fire doors and ship interior installations for sound insulation and fire safety purposes.


Noncombustibility of Stone Wool Ship Boards enables them to be used for thermal, sound and fire insulation of very high temperatures. The boards are fastened to the smooth application surfaces by fastening rods. Then they are either covered with sheet metal cladding or they are laid in the structural frame formed on the surface.

There are 4 different board types available as Marine Firebatts 45 (MF 45), Marine Firebatts 110 (MF 110), Marine Firebatts 140 (MF 140), Marine Slab 150 (MS 150). MF 45 is used in ship interior installations, MF 110 and MF 140 are used in bulkhead applications, MS 150 is used in floating floor applications of ships.

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