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16 Nisan 2018
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Collector Blanket Details

It is a glass wool blanket manufactured with black color in special sizes. It is used for thermal insulation of solar collectors.


For the thermal insulation applications of solar collectors, collector blankets and boards are used together.

If the case height is suitable, the product is placed between absorbing surface and the soffit insulation by leaving a 10 – 20 mm gap. It is also possible to use glass wool boards faced with aluminium foil in order to prevent heat losses from absorptive surface to the inside body due to the radiation and in order to reflect that to the selective surface.

In order to ventilate the collectors, 2-3 mm diameter holes should be drilled where rain water cannot reach. Otherwise, it may cause condensation of water vapor on window panes at nights and that may affect the efficiency of the collector. For the applications carried out in order to prevent the heat losses from hot water storage surfaces by convection and radiation, constructive precautions should be taken against spacers. Care should be taken for blankets in order not to loose their thicknesses.

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