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11 Nisan 2018
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Physically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam Details

Physically cross-linked polyethylene foam that can be produced with advanced technology, have superior mechanical properties and an advanced dimensional stability. The product is extruded with the help of additives and lasteners which is followed by the electron beam process. After the electron beam process with hot oven operation the physical characteristic of the product increases by means of dilatation, and a product with a very closed-cell structure and a smooth surface is obtained. It can be produced for different sectors in cut plate, roll, tube, extra-laminated or non-laminated forms.

Production Standard
Thickness and Density – Single fold: 1 mm> 67-200 kg/m3
2-5 mm> 28-200 kg/m3
6-10 mm> 28-100 kg/m3
Thickness Multi-Fold: 10-150 mm
(Lamination cannot be made for materials having higher density than 145 kg/m3 )
Roll Width: 800-1500 mm
Roll Length: 25/75/50/100/150/200 m
Color: Natural/Anthracite/White/Gray
Fire Resistance: FMVSS 302/ ISO 11925-2
Anti-static: Can be produced upon request
Composite: Metalized Film, aluminum film, Adhesive Tape Film Lamination
Waiting Period: There is no waiting period.
Packaging: *Standard
*Stretch Film wrapped
*Nylon Pouch

Main Features
It has a closed and steady cell structure, it is water and moisture resistant.
It has an effective sound and heat insulation capacity.
It is eco-friendly, and does not contain HCFC and harmful / banned chemical.
It compatible with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) that limits the usage of lead and other toxic substances standards.
It does not contain fungi or bacteria, it is odorless.
The internal texture is completely sterile thanks to the Electron Beam method.
It has superior physically and mechanical features despite elasticity and lightness.
It is not affected by chemicals or external environment conditions.
It is an ideal material in aesthetic applications thanks to its smooth surface appearance.
It recovers itself after impact, does not cave in.
It can be shaped by heat (thermoforming].
It can be produces as a roll or sheet.

It can be one-sided or double sided film tape and fabric laminated on special customer demand
It can be produced with flame-proof feature.
It can be produced in various colors.
It is suitable for wide heat range.

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