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06 Nisan 2018
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Aluminium Foil Cover Polyethylene Foam Details

The Aluminium laminate is heat bonded at the manufacturing level and is simply impossible to tear it off the Polyethylene Foam Additionally, the aluminuim laminate provides
Protection against weather elements as well as physical abuse and mishandling during transportation and installation. The Aluminum acts as an extra layer of protection against water vapor permeability, particularly in a humidity intense climate such as the gulf region.

High quality foam polyethylene with very slight closed cell structure
Density is 25-38 kg/m3. Exerted at temperature between -80 °C and 95 °C
Featuring latest technology, recyclable and foamed without H(C)FC
Due to its excel physical features without hesitating preferred at important projects by experts
Retained insulation value throughout long life of installation λ (FRZ) ≤ 0,040 W/mK, λ (ZZ) ≤ 0,050 W/mK (Δt=40°C) DIN 52613.
Self extinguishing and assured physical values through quality control studies including B1 DIN 4102 test methods which are monitored continuous by independence German Institutes. (valid only for FRZ products)
Protection along external surface through closed cell structure Excellent water vapour resistance, μ ≥ 3.500 DIN 52615
Outstanding saving energy and condensation control
Neutral, no odour and no emission of poisonous gasses
No water absorption, putrefaction or mildew forming
Absorption of vibration and sound caused by pressure

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