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16 Nisan 2018
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Glasswool Prefabricated Pipe Details

These are pipes produced from high unit weight fiberglass for thermal and sound insulation of pipes that are used for sound and thermal insulation.

Types that are covered with aluminium foil are also available.

  • The fiberglasss being placed in the centrifugal order provide the ODE Starflex prefabricated pipes high
    mechanical endurance and resistance against vibrations.
  • When exposed to higher temperatures than the normal temperature range, exothermic reaction was
    not present.
  • Thermal conductivity value of the pipe undergoes to change only in a small amount with the increase of
    the temperature.
  • It does not change dimension with heat, there is no loose of volume.
  • It is neither hygroscopic nor capillary.
  • It does not fall off, decays or causes corrosion on the pipes in time.
  • Perspiration and condensation is prevented by aluminium foil covered glasswool pipes in the insulation
    of cool pipes.


  • One side being cut lengthways causes get through the pipes to be insulated easily and the insulation
    of the pipe line is provided in a very short period of time.
  • It does not loose its wall thickness with the other material that will be covered on it as the density is high.
  • In the applications covered with aluminium foil, self adhesive bands provide savings in time, material and labor.
  • Ode Starflex pipes do not have loss during application, all parts can be utilized.
  • With the glasswool, the transmission of noise and vibration to other places is prevented.
  • In case of maintenance or a breakdown in the system, it can easily be taken off and afterwards can be
    put back with no damage given to the system.

Areas of Usage

  • Radiator and central heating systems
  • Solar energy systems
  • Protection of pipes from perspiration and frost
  • Against sound and vibration in pressure water pipes and in many other mechanical and industrial systems.

Application Details

  • Ode Starflex Prefabricated Pipe packages shall be kept perpendicularly and away from humidity.
  • Aluminium foil covered types shall be used in cooling systems.
  • In the preference of insulation thickness, it is recommended that the exterior surface temperature
    to be maximum 40°.
  • Minimum insulation thicknesses recommended according to the system can be found below.
Pipe Ambient
Inner Diameter (The outer diameter of the pipe to be coated) mm
15 21 27 33 42 48 60 76 89 114 140 169 219 273
Recommended Pipe Wall Thicknesses (mm)
100°C 25 25 30 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 60 60 60 60
200°C 40 50 50 50 50 50 60 80 80 80 80 80 80 80
300°C 50 60 60 60 60 60 80 100 100 100 100 100 100



Ambient Pipe Temperature °C Relative Humidity of 60%
Pipe diameter (inches) Insulation thickness (mm)
(-18°C)-(+1°C) up to 1 50
1 1/4 -10 60
5-10 80
(+2°C)-(+9°C) up to 2 40
2 1/2 -10 50
(+10°C)-(+21°C) up to 3/4 30
1-10 40


Technical Specifications

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient 0,040 W/mK
Density 60-100 kg/m3
Fire Classification TS EN 13501-1 A Class
Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient µ=1,1
Diameter 1/4” – 14”
Thickness 25-100 mm
Lamination Type Aluminium Foil Covered


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